Timber in Indonesia is very good quality, especially teak, is very strong and durable, has a texture that is very beautiful, usually used for house building Teak is also widely used as household recycle furniture teak …… And as world events …. a lot of people Indonesia want to build a modern house ….. which eventually replace their wood frame house that they are old value with new wood. therefore it is in Indonesia a lot of wood – old teak house building . And now the former teak that we use to make recycle teak furniture, with an interesting design touch, old teak is our magic into a beautiful furnishings recycle teak . and that all we dedicate to yours ……. please open design of my Collection…!!! You are interested ….!!!
please contact me ……..!!!

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Wood is a living, breathing organism. It must be allowed to move with changes in humidity and temperature. Simplicity of design and solid craftsmanship are hallmarks of my furniture recycle teak wood
products with three surface textures to meet different market demands. products. For your buying convenience, you can choose from over 150

Any imperfections in the recycle teak are smoothed away, leaving only subtitle marks from the past adding character to the overall piece. This is most suitable for our classic lines.

Using rough wood opened up exciting new design possibilities, creating a straight, square ‘chunky’ look, with much wider pieces of wood on the edges and unframed door panels. You can see and feel the weathered grain of the wood giving a rustic quality. Here the wood is talking more clearly of its past. All the old nail holes, cracks and holes where the joints came together become part of the story.

Of course there are no splinters to catch on you, so it feels smooth. At the same time, the deeper grain texture is even more noticeable to your touch. What was considered a defect – the cracks and splits in the wood – are now an integral part of the furniture’s story. A passing on and transformation of history.